About us

We are Polish-Ukrainian company “MADIS Sp.zo.o” / LTD “MADIS 2015”. The CEO is Sergei Manocha. Young, dynamically developing company’s main business is transferring small and large cargo on the territory of EU. Our company is already well-known as a reliable and responsible partner in logistic business of Europe. We assure to 100% make our work. By choosing our company, our clients will get not only our services, stability and safeness in the sphere of delivery, but also a friend, which you can always rely on!

Car transport

Our company perfectly positioned itself as a good one on the European Freight and Logistics Market and it successfully continues moving in this direction. Thanks to us, our customers saved tens of thousands euros. We perfectly well do our job on the territory of European Union.

  • cargo transportation by tilted machines with a cubic capacity 20 m3 to 120 m3;
  • transportation of goods by refrigerators;
  • transportation of small goods by special cars whose load capacity starts is 500 kg to 3,5 tons with cubic capacity from 10 to 50 m3; -“dangerous” cargo delivery marked as ADR;
  • transportation of oversized cargo;

Also we can propose cargo transportation to any country from EU.


LTD “MADIS 2015” is a freight forwarding company which can make delivery by ship from any part of the world from such ports as:

  • Ukraine – Odessa;
  • Germany – Hamburg;
  • Poland – Gdansk, Gdynia;
  • Estonia – Tallinn.

We provide proper shipping to abovementioned countries. In case of necessity we afford suitable cars to transfer cargo in, discharge to the warehouse and help with the documents

Air delivery

In case of urgency, people often resort the services of various airlines. This method obviously is expensive, but nevertheless, how fast it is! LTD “MADIS 2015” delivers by air from any country of the world to Ukraine. Thanks to our partners, we make a fast and high-quality delivery and your cargo stays safe and sound.

Air delivery is proceeded through international airport Kharkiv and Warsaw.

Customs brokerage services

Wherever in Europe (Italy, Spain, Great Britain, Portugal and any other country of EU), we will help you with the custom registration of your freight.

Separately we offer customs brokerage services in Ukraine. Thanks to the experience of our brokers, our clients are able to reduce price of the custom’s clearance up to 23%. But in some cases the price can be even more!

Issue of ЕХ-1 from 35 euro and Euro-1 from 40 euro

TIR issue – 40 euro, T-1 from 30 euro

Warehousing services on the territory of EU

Our company has warehouse, which is situated in Poland (100 km from the border with Ukraine) and is ready to accept your freight. Using our warehouse, you have to consolidate your cargo, so you can save money on its delivery without being nervous about its safety.
You can wait for documents to be fixed, to repack and to overload cargo.

The closest customs station is 50 km from the warehouse. The warehouse works 24/7.

Warehouse services One time charges For our regular client For our clients who use our transport
Overload 20 t 86 m3 150е 100е Free of charge
1-10 pallets overload 30е 1е /pallet Free of charge
10-20 pallets overload 50е 1е/pallet Free of charge
Unloading a freight 33 pallets 75е 50е Free of charge
Loading a freight 33 pallets 75е 50е Free of charge
Unloading a freight 15-20 pallets 25е 1е/pallet Free of charge
Loading a freight 15-20 pallets 25e 1е/pallet Free of charge
Unloading a freight 1-10 pallets 20е 1е/pallet Free of charge
Loading a freight 1-10 pallets 20е 1е/pallet Free of charge
Storage of a freight 1-10 pallets 1е/pallet/24h 0,75е/pallet/24h By an arrangement
Storage of a freight 10-20 pallets 1е/pallet/24h 0,75е/pallet/24h By an arrangement
Storage of a freight 33 pallets 1е/pallet/24h 0,75е/pallet/24h By an arrangement
Free storage —— 3 daysBy an arrangement
Overload from car to another car 130е 75е By an arrangement
Calling a crane for loading from the abovemin. 200 euro /hourMin. 150 euro /hour By an arrangement
Overload and storage of ADR freight is acceptable. The prices are written below.
A cost of overloading the freight without pallets (the boxes), depends on weight and quantity of a freight.
A freight which has dependence on temperature can’t be kept in a warehouse. Temperature in winter in no lower than +10 0 C.
Work hours: Mon-Fri, 8.30-17.30. Additional charge for working in the night-time is min. 100 euro. The prices has exertion CMR and printed documents.
The nearest customs house is located in Rzeszów, which is 50km from the warehouse. .In case of necessity of custom-brokerage services (getting rid of filings, overloading under the custom’s control, overloading, certification services, import-export services etc.), you should alert us in advance! т .д… ) Просьба сообщать заранее

Custom clearance

TIR EX -1 Euro1 Т-1
40 euro (to close 3 ЕХ-1) then +2 euro for each ЕХ1 35 euro (for 1 code) +2 euro for each next code. From 50 euro (depends on quantity of codes)Negotiate in advance
(the prices depend on many factors)

Additional services

Complementary Services in Europe:

  • issue CT-1 certification
  • issue EURO-1 certification
  • issue EORY code

Certification services in Ukraine:

  • Issue of the barcode.
  • Issue of the СЕС certificate.
  • Development of the TC (technical conditions) for companies.
  • Issue of a trademark.